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New server IP!

BradR a posted Jul 20, 16

So for a while, we've been having issues with our server in terms of performance and DCing so I decided to change the hardware which is used to run the server and we have now moved over to a different location, where the servers are better, resulting in better performance for our players! 

Although this wasn't something I wanted to do as it would cause a lot of confusion, it was the only way I could improve the hardware and I didn't want to keep the server how it was. For those who played before, your items and bases are exactly the same as the server was backed up and restored so nothing was lost.

We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused. I did this to improve the experience of the players and hopefully it feels smoother for everyone!

Join the server by typing 


Port: 25454

If you have any further questions, please contact us via the website or in-game!

It's competition time guys and this will give you all a chance to win the donator kit from our shop. If you're unaware what this gives you, it's basically a brand new kit and you'll be shown as green in-game to show that you're a donator. If you want to view the kit contents, you can do so in the shop.

For this competition, all you have to do is register if you haven't already and comment below with your Steam name so I'm able to give the winner their kit when they have won. The winner will be contacted either tonight if we're able to reach 10 entries or tomorrow morning and will be given their donator rank.

I'd like to once again thank all players for their continued support and hope you're enjoying yourself on the server. If anyone has any issues at all, please contact an available admin or moderator.

The winner for this giveaway was Passi. Congratulations!

- Brad

Mutedfuzzball9 I would love donator
connorpipe1 can i win donator?
Khems Yooo guys thanks brad for doing this event, show respect and glhf to everyone

Staff Changes

BradR a posted Jun 25, 16

Over the past few days, I've been hard at work on the server, adding new stuff and getting rid of any unused bases to prevent any lag but as well as this, players have been submitting their applications to become staff on the server and help us progress further.

I've been reviewing the incoming applications for several days, deciding who would be best fit to the roles that are available. After much time deciding, below is the people who made it onto our team of hard working staff.

Hex - Trial moderator

Magic - Trail administrator 

Hex has been on the server a while now, helping players with any questions and contributing a lot of time to the server itself so we thought he'd be a great moderator, helping me make the server even better, as well as helping you as players enjoy the server even more. As well as this, we've appointed Magic as a trial administrator. The reason for this was because I'll be going on vacation in a week so I'll be away from the server and therefore, someone else will need to take charge while I'm away. He'll be dealing with the general running of the server while I'm away and I'm sure he'll be a great admin. 

I'd like to thank everyone for once again playing on the server and all those who applied, if you didn't get in this time then it's not over as we'll be needing more moderators in the future.

- Brad

Website Release & Updates!

BradR a posted Jun 21, 16

Just an update to the server as a whole. We've finally released the website to the public and through it, it'll give you the oppurtunity to communicate via the forum, view the donation packages in the shop and contact us about anything server related.

As always, we want to keep this server enjoyable for absolutely everyone so all the new donation packages don't provide any overpowered benefits which will be unfair to others who decide not to donate. Overall, it's just a way to help us pay for the server and website as it costs quite a bit to run it each month.

In terms of the server and updates, I have been working hard to fix any issues within the server and provide an enjoyable, balanced and smooth server for all to play. I've been working hard to help players and currently, we're amassing about 20 players on average at all times, which is incredible for us! Before I release any updates, I will always consult you as the player base to ask whether you want it so don't worry. 

I recently altered the TPA delay due to popular demand and instead of it being 0, it's now 30 seconds as a lot were teleporting their team mates into fights after they had died, making it unfair. Also, I added in a camp axe instead of a bat, giving the users the ability to chop down trees and kill the undead.

Once again, I hope you're enjoying the server and if you do have any questions, please contact us.

- Brad

YassirFTrunks The server is nice bro but sometimes Hackers or intruders or racist people come into the server and they start to make t...
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